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Retrofit LED Geartray CCT (K-Select)

A one-component LED Geartray that allows you to upgrade existing Fern-Howard 2D or LED bulkheads to CCT selectable LED bulkheads in less than 60 seconds.

K-Select Technology
Fern-Howard have developed CCT change technology. It works by having two sets of LED chips on the PCB. 3000K and 6000K chips that can be operated independently or when combined they both produce 4000K giving three choices of colour temperature.

This new and highly inventive LED geartray has three colour temperature settings in-built.

The colour can be changed easily by using the switch on the PCB board to select the colour you prefer.

It can then be changed easily afterwards if the environment changes use or the client prefers a different colour temperature.

With our NEW K-Select geartray, you can choose from 3 main LED light colours:

High quality LED chips and driver for

  • high light output with low lumen depreciation and colour shift
  • high efficacy
  • long life
  • Multiple selectable CCT (K) Options
  • Retro-fit into existing (round) bulkheads

Hinged design for swift and easy retrofit

Upgrade to save energy and maintenance costs as well as reducing CO2 emissions

Low cost option - only geartray is being replaced

Available with all standard light management options, including Emergency, Auto Test, Microwave Sensor, DALI, Dimming and Corridor Function

The NEW K-Select option is also available within Fern-Howard K-Select Bulkheads 

Lumen figures shown are typical outputs behind Fern-Howard Opal diffusers

  • Light Source
  • LED Backlit
Class II CE RoHS Weee
Retrofit LED Geartray CCT (K-Select)
Lumen Output 1,2001,3001,250
System Power Consumption 13W13W13W
Colour Temperature (K) 3,00040006,000
CRI (Ra) >80>80>80
Life (Hours) 50,000 (L70)50,000 (L70)50,000 (L70)
Efficacy (Lm/W) 9210096
Weight (kg) 0.1650.1650.165
Dimensions (mm) Ø300Ø300Ø300

Part Number Description Base Colour Diffuser Colour Circuit Type Light Source

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