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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the dimmable Fern-Howard fitting I purchased not work with my existing dimmer switch?

Please check your dimmer switch. Is it a phase cut (leading or trailing edge) domestic dimmer switch? Our fittings do not work with domestic phase cut dimmers.

This type of dimmer switch has only two connections, a live and a neutral. Designed for traditional lighting technology, it is only suitable for lower power domestic lighting and is not suitable for dimming Fern-Howard luminaires.

Our fittings are 1-10V analogue dimming. They require a 1-10V analogue dimmer switch with four connections: live, neutral + and - 1-10V signal wires.

Separate fittings are available for digital dimming. For more information on Dimming, please download our Dimming Information Sheet.

When should I use 1hour or 3hour Emergency Lighting?

BS 5266-1: 2016 Code of practice for the emergency escape lighting of premises states ‘’The time required to evacuate premises depends upon their size and complexity.’’

Click here for our Quick Guide to help you determine where you need to install 1hour or 3hour Emergency Lighting.

Why doesn't my light fitting have an Earth connection?

If you have a light fitting without Earth terminal, it will be because your fitting is Class II. Class II fittings are marked with the following symbol:

Class II means that the product is double insulated. The plastic termination block provides the basic insulation from the Live and Neutral mains connections. Additional insulation is provided by the plastic enclosure. The two separate layers of insulation protect the user against the risk of electric shock. Earthing is not required.

If you have a metal based product, this will be a Class I fitting. This can be indicated by the following symbol:

Class I fittings will have an Earth terminal and you will be required to sufficiently Earth the metal housing to protect against the risk of electric shock.


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